Wooden Serving Spoons – Set of 2


Our 5-inch wooden serving spoons are understated and ideal for small servings of spreads, olives, and nuts. Constructed from durable, impermeable Acacia wood, these serving spoons are easy to clean and are built to last.


Our founder, Ashley Gould, switched to using wooden spoons to eat with during the COVID-19 lockdowns. At the time she could only find wood spoons from Asia and they were very different from those used in the United States. This led to the idea for a smaller appetizer wooden spoon that is lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, and perfect to scoop up portions of hummus, honey, nut butter, jam, or lemon curd. 


In designing the spoons, Acacia wood was our choice for these spoons because it is naturally bacterial-resistant and is easy to clean. It is much less porous compared to most wood, so it doesn’t absorb liquids and odors from food while maintaining the same strength and integrity as other hardwoods.


At Âme Atendre, we believe that trust and quality go hand in hand. We strive to deliver the best possible products and seek to be transparent about what you can expect from these items and why we love them.


Additional information

Weight 0.03 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1.25 × 0.5 in

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