Our Philosophy

We believe that when people spend time together with curiosity and without judgment, especially with those who hold different perspectives, they deepen their human connection and increase their sense of wellbeing.

Âme Atendre™ is a luxury tableware brand with a missioN to help people connect to all that matters

OUR Values

At Âme Atendre™, we don’t adhere to a static set of values; instead, we consider one value to focus on each year that we believe will best serve ourselves, our company and our customers in our evolution.

The Power of Vulnerability

The name Âme Atendre™ translates to tending to or taking care of your soul or spirit. We believe this is a practice that encompasses many things and benefits from an openness to and curiosity about new perspectives. When you approach differing perspectives with vulnerability and openness to understanding them, you often grow your human connection and sense of self.

Our Design Process


Our design process at Âme Atendre™ starts and ends in the home. When working on a new product or a new collection, we always begin by looking at our own spaces. We find the key to good design is seeking moments within a space that can be elevated or re-considered without changing the flow of the space itself. What’s wonderful about homes is that we all live within them in different ways, and so our objects are designed not to prescribe new ways of living, but to enhance ways that already work for our customers.


Once we land on a basic concept for a piece, we typically spend months ideating on form, material, composition and overall function of the piece in question. This process often moves from pen and paper to digital renderings to mock ups and then back to paper again, often many times. We are as focused on the functinality of the piece in our day and age, from the ability to pick it up and move it, to the ability to easily wash it, as we are on the optical impression of the object. Our process is cyclical, as unrelated pieces are developed they often begin to inform one another. The design of our red oak serving board came from one such occasion as we designed the wooden mold for crystal tumblers and found the texture was just as exceptional in wood as it was in glass.


While we finalize internal development on a product, we begin reaching out to studios we think can execute our vision in both form and quality and become trusted partners within our overall mission. This searching process is a slow endeavor that takes us around the world in both a digital and physical sense. In this phase we get to meet artisans, visit studios and collect and create samples and prototypes.


Once we find the right producer for a design, we begin the cycle with the studio. We make samples, test materials, colors and even manufacturing processes to achieve the right look and optimize functionality within each of our pieces. Our pieces are often reliant on extremely refined hand made processes that require the expertise of talented artisans to bring them to life.


After sampling is completed we begin production. We typically produce in a “small batch” fashion, which means our products are made in small quantities often using traditional methods.


Our small batch production style allows us to make room for perhaps the most important step of all, user feedback. We look forward to customer feedback as our goal is to offer products that meet our customers needs and desires. Please feel free to send us your comments and suggestions here.

"Curiosity about our differences leads to understanding, and respect for those differences leads to tranquility."


At Âme Atendre™, we are committed to active listening, to challenging our own perspectives, and to treating others with respect. We look forward to feedback on our products so that we can continually work to improve them.

In 2022 Ashley began work on a project to link physical objects with increased human connection, which would eventually become Âme Atendre™. After working as a lawyer and executive for over a decade, and experiencing and observing increasing detachment and misunderstanding among people, she felt a void in the ability for people of differing ideas to come together with the goal of understanding and empathy.


Growing up with a mother who cultivated community through food and joyful gathering led Ashley to launch Âme Atendre™ as a tabletop brand with an emphasis on quality and a goal of reintroducing fulfilling forms of connection into our families and into our world.

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“We need to get people to sit down at a table and re-learn how to honor their differences. What better way to do that than designing and creating objects that bring people to the table in the first place? Ultimately, we want our customers to feel that our products help them connect to themselves and those in their lives in a constructive and relevant way.”



Principal Designer and Director of Sales & Marketing at Âme Atendre™, Dylan Williamson’s personal philosophy is that good design is synonymous with interpersonal care. “Well crafted objects create luxury experiences because when people feel taken care of by their spaces, they take care of one another.”



After graduating from the Furniture Department at Rhode Island School of Design, Dylan entered the world of Home Design as a textile and furniture designer. They met Ashley Gould in the summer of 2022 and together they designed the first Âme Atendre™ collection with an emphasis on quality objects that help people connect to everything that matters.

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