Salomé Cousseau Table Top Sculpture – Grila


Immerse yourself in the beauty and individuality of renowned French artist Salomé Cousseau’s exclusive tabletop sculptures. Each piece is a testament to her passion and creativity and is a manifestation of the artist’s boundless creativity. 


Blending furniture and jewelry making techniques, Salomé creates enchanting statement pieces like Grila, that are truly one of a kind. This uniquely shaped wood sculpture features a hand-carved walnut base, adorned with a striking combination of malachite stone beads and gold-plated brass hardware. Exuding a sense of opulence and sophistication, this tabletop sculpture makes for an exceptional gift.


Salomé’s artistic inspirations are born in the serene French countryside, where she meticulously crafts each intricate base in a traditional wood shop. Using unprocessed or salvaged hardwoods, she imbues every piece with a sense of unpretentious charm and natural elegance. 


These half finished pieces then accompany Salomé on her train ride back to Paris where her creative process continues to unfold. In her Parisian home studio, Salomé draws on her background in jewelry design to delicately embellish each sculpture with meticulously selected stone beads and metal studs. 


The result is a harmonious fusion of artistic expression and masterful craftsmanship, with each sculpture bearing the unique imprint of its creation and journey across France.


Salomé’s ability to infuse refinement with expressiveness in her sculptural craft resonated with the ethos of Âme Atendre, leading its founder Ashley Gould to forge an enduring collaboration between the brand and the artist. 


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Country of Origin

Paris, France


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