Kitchenware Oil


Extend the life of wooden cutting boards, butcher blocks, and other kitchen tools with Âme Atendre’s kitchenware oil. This oil is crafted from premium food grade curing seed oils designed to preserve wooden kitchenware. By penetrating multiple layers of wood grain, this oil effectively safeguards against drying, bleaching, and cracking. This 6-ounce bottle is easy to store and lasts for years. It is the perfect complement to our wooden serving board.


Produced by the same craftsmen that make our wooden kitchenware, our oil is a unique blend of linseed and tung oil, creating a single product that combines the best characteristics of the two. 


Tung oil is highly durable, but is typically quite thin and requires multiple coatings to achieve the ideal application. In contrast, linseed oil has a higher density, giving it the ability to fill fissures in the wood, significantly improving the seal of each board. This combination creates a highly durable finish that penetrates deep into the wood grain, ensuring its longevity.


Compared to the individual oils, this one-of-a-kind mixture has greater elasticity, making the finish more robust and resistant to wood movement. Our finish is entirely natural and does not contain toxic heavy metal accelerants usually found in commercial oil products. We prefer not to risk the presence of these harmful substances on food contact surfaces, even if the FDA considers these commercial finishes “food safe when cured.”


At Âme Atendre, we maintain a steadfast conviction that trust and quality go hand in hand. We aim to provide the best-quality products possible and endeavor to be transparent about what you can expect from our products and why we love them.


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Dimensions 2.25 × 2.5 × 6.5 in
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