Drinkware Designs: Crafting Experiences with Every Sip

The ritual of gathering socially to enjoy drinks can be traced back thousands of years. From our hunter-gatherer ancestors sitting around a fire, to the banquets and lavish feasts of the Middle Ages—this age-old practice of communal drinking continued to evolve over the centuries. Cups were raised to honor Gods and deities or to toast new relationships, prosperity, and the joy of being together.

Even today, the act of sharing drinks with our families and friends forges special bonds and strengthens our social ties.

At Âme Atendre, we strive to capture this spirit of shared joys and celebrations through our exquisite drinkware collection. Each handcrafted piece provides a touch of sophistication to your table while being versatile and convenient for modern-day living.

In this article, we delve into the nuances of different drinkware types and how they enhance your drinking experience.

The Art—and Science—of Drinkware

In the busy lives we lead, it’s easy to overlook the cups and glasses we use to drink our favorite beverages. Yet, the design of drinkware plays an important role in delighting all of our senses as we sip our drinks.

Can you imagine indulging in an afternoon tea ritual without the quintessential floral bone china cups? Or enjoying a margarita out of anything but the classic wide-rimmed glasses?

Whether it’s the beautiful curve of a wine glass or the comforting solidness of a ceramic mug, drinkware designs can turn even drinking water into a pleasurable experience.

Here’s how drinkware designs impact our sensory experiences.

Shaping Our Taste and Experience

The saying that “we eat with our eyes first” is also true for beverages.

Research shows that the visual cues our brains receive play a crucial role in how we perceive taste. This means that the shape, color, and even how a drink is presented can influence our expectations of its flavor. For example, a beautiful tall glass filled with a colorful beverage can heighten our anticipation of a refreshing drink.

The colors of drinkware designs also influence our moods. Whether it’s an earthy yet elegant ceramic coffee mug that brightens your dull, busy morning or a sleek, sophisticated tumbler, colorful drinkware can add an extra layer of sensory delight to our drinking rituals.

Why Materials Matter in Drinkware

The material used to make drinkware also plays a crucial role in shaping our drinking experiences. Different materials interact differently with the beverage it holds and influence its taste, temperature, and even how we perceive it.


Glass is one of the most popular materials for drinkware. It provides a clear view of the beverage, enhancing its visual appeal. Glass also does not impart any flavor to your drink, maintaining its integrity in terms of taste.

Also, the feel of a solid, well-crafted glass in our hand is like none other and adds to our overall sensory experience. Glass drinkware also adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any occasion.


One key capability of ceramic is retaining heat, making it the perfect material for tea and coffee cups. The thick walls of ceramic cups also provide a comfortable grip and a sense of warmth, allowing you to truly savor your hot beverage.

The Âme Atendre ceramic mugs are handcrafted, feature a minimalist design, and come in three elegant colors—cobalt blue, ivory, and taupe. Every aspect of their design highlights their ease of use and aesthetic style. They are also heat-safe and made in small batches using traditional bisque firing methods.

How Shape Impacts Aroma and Flavor

Like the material and color, the shape of drinkware also plays a role in influencing our expectations of taste and texture.

The Sophistication of Tall, Slender Glasses

Tall, slender glasses are often associated with elegance and sophistication.

For instance, the sleek and elongated form of champagne flutes and highball glasses brings luxury to mind. This shape also adds to our sense of celebration. From a taste perspective, the tall champagne flute preserves carbonation and helps the bubbles rise to the surface, giving it that perfect bubbly taste.

Similarly, highball glasses, commonly used for cocktails, can enhance the visual appeal of a drink by showcasing its layers and garnishes.

The Elegance of Wine Glasses

Nowhere is the shape of drinkware more critical in influencing drinking experiences than in wine glasses. The design and shape of the wine glass you are using can significantly enhance the sensory experience of your wine and elevate its aroma and taste.

For instance, red wine glasses usually have a wider rim and rounder shape. This design provides a large surface area for the all-important process of letting the wine breathe and releasing its complex bouquet of aromas.

On the other hand, white wine glasses are typically narrower. This helps minimize the wine’s exposure to air and maintains its delicate and crisp aromas.

The stem of a wine glass also serves a practical purpose. When you hold the glass by the stem, you avoid transferring the heat of your hand to the wine. This maintains the wine at the right temperature, letting you enjoy it for longer.

How Ergonomics Contribute to Your Drinking Experience

The ergonomics of drinkware also play a role in giving you a comfortable and enjoyable drinking experience.

For example, the weight of drinkware impacts its usability. A well-balanced crystal tumbler can be held comfortably without feeling cumbersome.

The design of the grip is another crucial aspect. Whether it’s a handle on a cup or the neck of a glass carafe, the grip should feel comfortable and secure in your hand.

Raise a Glass to Magical Experiences

The right drinkware can enhance your social gatherings and contribute to creating delightful memories. So, next time you raise a glass, take a moment to appreciate not just the drink but also the vessel holding it.

Each piece in the Âme Atendre drinkware collection is thoughtfully curated and hand-crafted by skilled artisans. Let our drinkware collection transform your gatherings into a celebration and help forge deeper connections with friends and family.